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There is no greater agony…

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Maya Angelou

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@Story10Tweets #Title: Alone #10Tweets

She stood alone with sad eyes and a heavy heart. #1 #10Tweets

Alone in a place of busyness and activity, a place to learn and grow. #2 #10Tweets

Would anyone notice? Did anyone see? Her pain and fear are held within. #3 #10Tweets

A mother notices. A mother sees. What is the matter angel? #4 #10Tweets

Tears flow freely now. Someone has noticed. The pain can escape. The fear can be vocalised. #5 #10Tweets

“I don’t want to be alone” she whispers through the teardrops. Alone in a busy place. Alone and feeling vulnerable. #6 #10Tweets

“We are here with you” the mother says. It helps a bit but the fear is not gone. The void is not filled. #7 #10Tweets

Two little girls stand closer. “We are here too” they say. They talk of princesses and dress-up. #8 #10Tweets

The fear is distracted temporarily. The classroom door opens. Security and familiarity beckons. She no longer feels alone. #9 #10Tweets

Minutes later Grampa comes rushing over, carrying her homework. She was alone but was surrounded by love. #10 #10Tweets

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I’m sorry Momma

@Story10Tweets #Title: I’m Sorry #10Tweets

Stars glistened overhead on the bright moonlit night. The sound of a gunshot rang out in the still early morning air. #1 #10Tweets

The bullet left the barrel on its journey to destruction. The shooter was inexperienced and his aim was far from great. #2 #10Tweets

In the dark, its target crouched next to a vehicle. The bullet headed for the car but was just not high enough to clear it. #3 #10Tweets

It struck the bonnet and as metal hit metal at high velocity it melted, losing pieces of itself in the process. #4 #10Tweets

The remaining largest fragment found the target though. It pierced skin, then flesh, then bone. A loud scream ensued. #5 #10Tweets

Blood and tissue spattered across the wall behind the thief. This was not the way he had planned things to go. #6 #10Tweets

Lying in a pool of his own blood he sobbed with pain. How had things gotten so bad? #7 #10Tweets

The police arrived but he would get no sympathy from them. There was no medical attention for thieves in this place. #8 #10Tweets

He was cuffed and thrown into the police vehicle. If he survived the next few hours he may be lucky enough to get patched up. #9 #10Tweets

Bleeding and cold on the floor of the van he whispered “I’m sorry Momma. I didn’t mean it to be this way”. #10 #10Tweets

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No Horror Movies

@Story10Tweets #Title: No horror movies #10Tweets

It’s so annoying to have a bladder that ignores normal sleeping hours. It’s the middle of the night and I have to go. Oh darn. #1 #10Tweets

I go through the usual routine of trying to persuade myself that the feeling will pass. I snuggle deeper under the comforter. #2  #10Tweets

But no, the urge strikes again. I try to distract myself with thoughts about something else. I fall asleep and start to dream. #3 #10Tweets

The urge is stronger now – I dream of toilets. I am going to have to leave my warm sanctuary and step onto the cold tiled floor. #4 #10Tweets

I step off the soft carpet onto the cold bathroom tiles. Usually I don’t bother to switch on the light. #5 #10Tweets

I switch the light on…and two large eyes stare back at me. They bore into my half asleep state. The urge has fled in fear. #6 #10Tweets

Long blonde hair glistens in the light as my eyes adjust. Pale hands are raised in the air as if beckoning me to come closer. #7 #10Tweets

I am not given to swearing but I feel like I should.  Darn my husband, he has done it again. #8 #10Tweets

Frightened the living daylights out of me with my daughter’s life-sized salon day doll bust perched on the toilet. #9 #10Tweets

This is why I don’t need to watch horror movies. #10 #10Tweets


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The train journey

@Story10Tweets #Title: The train journey  #10Tweets

Her frail, small body lay covered with a pale pink sheet. Her raspy breathing was the only sound as we entered the bedroom.#1 #10Tweets

It was time to bid her farewell. Her son approached her, tall and strong and gently lifted her hand in his. #2  #10Tweets

He glanced at me fleetingly. Was that granting me permission to stay in this solemn, personal moment? #3 #10Tweets

I barely knew him but a chance encounter on a train that morning had led me to this place. What was I doing here? #4 #10Tweets

It was my birthday. This was supposed to be my treat day, a chance to pamper myself and escape the daily grind and routine. #5 #10Tweets

But there was such sadness in his voice as he spoke. I could not bear to think of someone going through that journey alone. #6 #10Tweets

Dare I intrude further in his moment of grief? I gently placed my arm around him. He turned to me and sobbed. #7 #10Tweets

I could feel his pain and loss radiating from him until he started to gain control. As he released me, our eyes met. #8 #10Tweets

A moment of raw emotion in the presence of love and loss. We kissed, gently at first, then fervently and passionately. #9 #10Tweets

Who knew that a train journey could lead to new beginnings in unexpected places? #10 #10Tweets

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A blog post about taking photographs

My second blog post for the World of Expats website is about my other favourite subject – taking photographs. Having deadlines is a great way to motivate me to write and find the time to practice my skills. It’s also really nice to have the creative freedom to pick a subject and allow the ideas to flow. I have seen a number of articles lately criticizing the amount of time people spend behind lenses or devices but to me it’s the natural evolution of life alongside the latest technological developments. Admittedly I am a bit biased but there are plenty of positives about taking photographs too.

The post is called “Life through a lens – photographing your journey” Please have a read.

Camera man low res

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Meant to be

@Story10Tweets #Title: Meant to be #10Tweets

Five months can be longer or shorter depending on what awaits at the end of it.#1 #10Tweets

Five months before someone repaid you money would take forever but five months to make a baby disappeared in a flash.#2 #10Tweets

So was this going to be the end of my dreams of motherhood? Not a chance.#3 #10Tweets

Fortunately my husband did not suffer from own-DNA-perpetuation-complex so was willing to consider other options.#4 #10Tweets

So off to the social worker to prove that we could be great adoptive parents and were deserving of a little bundle of joy.#5 #10Tweets

After a thorough screening and relatively short wait we were told there was a match! #6 #10Tweets

My usual state of verbal diarrhoea came to an abrupt halt at the news.#7 #10Tweets

We were given a treasured passport size photo of our baby. Tears of joy streamed down my face.#8 #10Tweets

The night before meeting him was filled with restless excitement. How would he react? Would he like me? What should I wear?#9 #10Tweets

From the magical first moment I held him, I knew we were meant to be and that divine intervention had brought us together.
#10 #10Tweets